Save time and money with our utility bill & energy management software that tracks your bills and energy and water consumption.

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where we manage more than 30,000 energy supply points.

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Get all energy information centralised, ordered, up-to-date and always accessible from anywhere.

  • Automated bulk uploading of bills into the software from any file type, compatible with any existing utilities supplier.
  • Management of all types of energy supplies (electricity, gas, diesel, etc.) and water
  • Inventory manager of consumption points (buildings, establishments, lighting boxes, etc.) with a descriptive file and document manager.

Energy Software SIE Upload

 Find and fix billing errors and spot problems to reduce costs and guarantee the correct payment.

  • Over 20 types of alerts to detect potential billing anomalies
  • Comprehensive auditing of the price and the correct billing for fixed and indexed pass-pool and pass-through rates.
  • Procurement batch manager applicable to any commercial product on the market.
  • Incident Management from activation to closure.
  • Integration of meter readings and comparison with billing information.

Energy Software SIE


Optimise your supply contracts and pay less for the energy you consume.

  • Customisable alerts for contract optimisation and prevention of penalties (power, rate, reactive power, etc.)
  • Mass power optimiser according to different investment and restriction criteria.
  • Generation of supply inventories and consumption profiles for the purchase of energy.

Energy Software SIE


Control your energy expenditure in a continuous and systematic way.

  • Customisable overload and deviation alerts in relation to the forecasted usage.
  • Monitoring and control of expenditure in relation to the budget.
  • Management of expenditure forecasts for changes in consumption or contract conditions.
  • Details and control of invoicing and expenditure according to the groupings of the economic management of the organisation (cost centres, economic codes, functional areas …)

Billing software


Track and analyse your consumption.

  • Energy or water overconsumption alerts.
  • Evolutionary analysis by time periods and comparison between elements of your energy consumption and GHG emissions.
  • Indicators and KPIs of energy efficiency and the supply price to your organisation and each of the points of consumption.
  • Benchmarking against more than 7,000 buildings incorporated into the SIE.
  • Loading and display of informed or tracked time curves.




Who are we addressing?

· Public administration and companies with a large number of utility supplies
· ESCO's
· Maintenance companies

  • Manage your energy supplies
  • Audit your utility bills
  • Choose the best utility contract for you
  • Track and reduce your consumption
  • Maximise utility bill savings
  • Reduce the emission of greenhouse gases (GHG)



SIE manages

23,000 +

Electricity supply points

6,000 +

Water supply points

3,000 +

Gas supply points

500 +

Diesel, butane, LPG and biomass supply points

1,500 GWh +

Energy Consumption

200 million € +

Energy billing