At Inergy we have a wide and carefully selected portfolio of services with a global energy management vision, that includes the auditing and optimisation of invoices and the reduction of energy consumption.


Our mission is to respond to our customers’ needs with a useful, agile and personalised service, without neglecting the social and environmental responsibility that we have as a company. Our services are designed with a threefold objective: to simultaneously achieve a reduction in energy expenditure, energy consumption, and CO2 emissions.

Accounting and management of energy supplies

Get all the information you need about your bills and energy consumption and save time and money

Optimisation of billing and energy supplies

Efficiency and energy management of buildings

Improve the energy management of your buildings and reduce spending by up to 30%

Integrated Energy Management (IEM)

Auditoría Energética

Energy auditing

Energy planning and Smart City

Make your municipality or region a smart territory and support the commitment to energy efficiency

Municipal Energy Planning

Energy coaching

Involve people in the improvement of energy in your organization and consolidate your savings

Energy coaching for organisations