SIE Self-consumption

Manage, monitor, and optimize the functioning of your self-consumption equipment

Main functionalities

  • Capture and upload of investors’ energy generation data
  • Capture of data on energy injected into the network by remote dialling the meter
  • Validation of surplus compensation
  • Monitoring the evolution of energy generated by individual or collective equipment
  • Accounting for the energy generated and self-consumed by the organisation
  • Inventory of equipment with indicators
  • Centralised supervision of equipment operation using alarms
  • Analysis of the potential for self-consumption equipment
Main functionalities

Related services

The services that complement self-consumption are:

  • Accounting and supervision of self-consumption equipment
  • Validation of surpluses
  • Management of collective self-consumption and energy communities


  • 1

    Keep track of the energy generated by your equipment month to month.

    SIE Self-consumption
  • 2

    Follow the evolution of the energy generated by your equipment and the destination of this energy.

  • 3

    Calculate the energy balance between self-consumption and generation.

Other SIE modules

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