SIE Mettering

Improve energy management and supervision of your equipment, and reduce your energy consumption.

Main functionalities

  • Automatic download and upload of electricity distributor hourly load curves
  • Remote calling services to fiscal meters
  • Visualisation and analysis of hourly data
  • Configurable alarms for hourly energy behaviour
  • Communication of anomalies in energy behaviour using configurable automatic email
  • Validation of invoicing with respect to monitored consumption
Main functionalities

Related services

The energy supervision and management service for buildings makes it possible to improve the regulation, use, and maintenance of buildings and equipment, optimizing their performance and reducing expenses by up to 30%:

  • Monitoring and reporting of alarms, saving measures, and savings achieved
  • Saving measures plan for the building’s energy management
  • Energy training and coaching for managers, workers, and users


  • 1

    Automatically capture and store hourly energy consumption data from your energy utilities.

    SIE Mettering
  • 2

    Consult and visualize the evolution of the hourly consumption of your equipment.

    SIE Mettering
  • 3

    Monitor the energy behaviour of your buildings and detect anomalous behaviours.

    SIE Mettering
  • 4

    Receive automatic notifications whenever an incident occurs and respond to avoid unnecessary expenses.

    SIE Mettering

Other SIE modules

Manage, monitor, and optimize the functioning of your self-consumption equipment

Plan and evaluate your energy improvement actions and results obtained

Communicate energy information and involve citizens in climate action.