The energy management software that manages your bills and the energy consumption of your utilities, saving you time and money.

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Data acquisition

  • Loading capacity + 50 different types of billing for marketers in different formats.
    • Remote dialling to meters and photovoltaic production equipment.
    • Automatic acquisition
    of hourly consumption data and invoicing of distributor and marketing websites (.xlm, .xls, .pdf and others).
    • Acquisition of consumption data
    from third-party monitoring applications.
    • Acquisition of data from information providers (meteorology, statistics agencies…).
    • Capacity for loading information on buildings’ energy performance certificates.

Billing validation

  • • Validation of invoicing data integrity (>20 types of validation)
    Global and segmented validation of invoiced prices (>15 types of validation) for fixed and indexed pool and pass-through rates
    • Management of
    the invoice confirmation cycle and incident management.
    • Manage batch contracts applicable to any commercial product on the market.
    Integration of physical readings and comparison with billing information.

Optimisation of utilities

  • Optimisation of LT and HT power according to different converter criteria.
  • Contracted rate optimisation.
  • Comparison simulator of fixed and indexed offers for batch contracts.
  • Manage inventory of utilities and consumption per period.
  • Ongoing information on wholesale energy markets.


  • Calculate, consult, and visualise the inventory and balance of energy consumption, cost, and CO2 emissions corresponding to time periods and sources, uses, and types of elements.
  • Balances of photovoltaic consumption and self-consumption in buildings and equipment.
  • Grouping and management of invoicing for cost centres.


  • Manage inventory of utilities and descriptions of each.
  • Manage energy inventory for buildings, control boards and equipment, and descriptions of each.
  • Georeferenced visualisation and inventory of illumination points for public lighting.


  • Calculate, consult, and visualize indicators of the organization’s global consumption, costs, and CO2 emissions
  • Calculate, consult, and visualize indicators of the building, control board, or equipment efficiency (e.g. kWh/m3).
  • Internal and external benchmarks of global and individual indicators.
  • Calculate variation in consumption, costs, and emissions across periods.
  • Automatically generate base lines and calculate normalised savings.

Alarms and supervision

  • Overconsumption and abnormal energy behaviour alarms.
  • Penalty alarms for reactive energy and utilities without consumption.
  • Dashboard with global surveillance of the behaviour of all elements.

Add functionality with advanced energy management SIE modules

Improve energy management and supervision of your equipment, and reduce your energy consumption.

Manage, monitor, and optimize the functioning of your self-consumption equipment

Plan and evaluate your energy improvement actions and results obtained

Communicate energy information and involve citizens in climate action.

Complement SIE implementation with our portfolio of services.

Complement SIE implementation with our portfolio of services.
  • Accounting and management of energy utilities

    Have all of the information from your bills and energy consumption at hand, and pay the best price for your energy needs
  • Energy management for buildings

    Improve the energy management of your buildings with our alarm service and hourly consumption data
  • Self-consumption

    Improve the management of collective self-consumption and boost energy communities
  • Energy planning

    Audit, design, and evaluate your energy plans
  • Energy communication

    Utilise a strategic communication plan, including 50/50 initiatives

SIE manages

+ 35.000

Electricity supply points

+ 11.000

Water supply points

+ 5.000

Gas supply points

+ 500

Diesel, butane, LPG and biomass supply points

+ 1.500 GWh

Energy Consumption

+ 200 millones €

Energy billing

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