SIE Planning

Plan and evaluate your energy improvement actions and results obtained

Main functionalities

  • Planning of action measures in the field of climate and energy.
  • Evaluation of the degree of fulfilment of energy and climate action plans, ISO 50001 or energy audits.
  • Registration and consultation of energy actions carried out by sectors, areas, and time periods.
  • Evaluation of savings achieved by actions undertaken.
Main functionalities

Related services

We help you plan and evaluate your organisation’s climate and energy measures with consulting services tailored to your needs:

  • Climate and energy planning
  • Evaluation of plans and savings
  • Energy audit
  • ISO 50001

  • 1

    Develop an annual or multi-year action plan, based on a catalogue of standard actions in the fields of energy savings and efficiency, and with installation of renewable energy.

    SIE Planning
  • 2

    Easily consult and continuously manage your action plan and planned measures throughout the execution period.

  • 3

    Record the energy actions that have been carried out, and evaluate the level of fulfilment achieved by areas and across time periods.

  • 4

    Evaluate the degree of fulfilment of your action plans and the estimated impact of savings achieved by the actions undertaken.

Other SIE modules

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Manage, monitor, and optimize the functioning of your self-consumption equipment

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