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We add value to your company’s services!

At Inergy we have a partner program built to help companies like yours improve their energy services. Through the programme you can make use of the SIE, our utility bill & energy management software, that can be incorporated into the services you offer.


SIE is our utility bill & energy management software that tracks your bills and energy and water consumption. With more than 10 years of functioning, SIE is currently used by more than 250 organisations and manages more than 30.000 energy and water supplies points.

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Main benefits of being Partner

Distinguish yourself from your competitors when marketing your services

Be more efficient and save time in bill auditing and supply optimisation

Build customer loyalty by providing added value and increasing the quality of your services


The 6 principles of our partner programme


We work together with you on the commercialisation and the continuous improvement of the product


We maintain a close relationship with your company’s identity and respond to the specific needs of each partner


We are committed to a small number of partners that are complementary to each other in the market, helping them to distinguish themselves from their competitors


We invest in the continuous development of the product, ensure training and look after the technical quality of the service to our partners


We provide a comprehensive solution, not just a product. Together with our product, we provide knowledge in energy management


We provide you with a solution that makes your service profitable, reduce ROI periods to less than 3 months, and create recurring income

Our Partner Programme in 5 Steps

1. Who is the programme for?

Inergy’s partner program is aimed at engineering, energy consulting, facility managers and ESCO companies that want to take a step forward and differentiate themselves from their competitors, providing added value to the energy services they offer to their clients



2. The collaboration agreement

The first thing we do is sit down and design with you a tailored collaboration agreement that meets the needs of your organisation.

3. A collaborative commercialisation

We work together with you to market the energy management solution to your customers:

  • We collaborate with you in the planning stages
  • We provide specific commercial resources (demos and success stories) tailored to your market
  • We assist you when presenting the solution to the customer



4. Service and technology for your client

In exchange for a fee, you can integrate our SIE energy management software into your energy services:

  • Offer a comprehensive service to your customer
  • Save time in performing the service.

5. What are the main services that you can offer to your customer?

  • Monthly uploading and auditing of invoices
  • Monitoring and management of cost optimisation alerts
  • Monitoring and analysis of consumption
  • Negotiations with the energy provider (claims, price optimisation, contract management)
  • Assistance in the decision-making process when contracting an energy supplier




    Join our partner programme now. We all win!


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